Maps and Legends

So I stop at a Mobil Gas station for milk on the way home. It's priced at $3.80/gal. No way I say, I just paid 3.00 on Mon. at a different station. So I go in protest to said station where I promptly pay $3.89/gal. Where is this milk from, the Middle East? I've seen price fluctuations, but this is ridiculous.

It was a gorgeous fall day here today until 4:31 when it started to rain. Yep, I get out of work at 4:30. Hmmm...

Things are much better today so far. Of course, I'm kidless at the moment, but that will change within the hour.

I know it's getting late in the week because of some telltale signs around the house. Signs like:

  • The laundry I did two days ago still has not folded itself or put itself away. What is the wait-time on this, can anyone tell me?

  • We are almost out of Mom's homemade desserts (cookies and brownies). Sarah and I will either bake some choc. chip cookies tonight or its oreos for everyone!

  • The dishwasher is has only been run twice or so since Donna left. I attribute this to the fact that it's mostly filled with bowls...which speaks to our diet.

  • How come when I tell Ben to finish his homework this morning, he suddenly remember homework that is "even more important" than the stuff I want him to do. Suffice it to say I baited him with a paragraph about the Moon today. I didn't hold his hand with the pencil in it, but I did the next closest thing.

Tonight is "south of the border night" in honor of Donna. I'll be making tacos, a dish I mastered as a bachelor. Can't go too wrong with that, right? Either that or Cereal, I haven't decided. (Only kidding!)

All in all it was a good day today. The night may change that, but hey, I'll run with the small victory for the moment.

Incidentally, the image displayed above is one of the cool maps I maee today. As Donna will attest I love my job (most days) and am fortunate to be doing something I love. As I tell people, I walk to work, though occasionally I RUN home . Also there is a short video below. I've never tried this so no guarantees!

Until tomorrow!



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