Deep Thoughts and Ruminations

Well, it's starting to take effect. I got on the scale today and I've lost 3 lbs. Hmmm...That works out to about a 10 lb loss by the time Donna gets back. I don't think its from lack of food so much as additional workout. You're kind of in Rev mode all the time when you're the only parent.

Which brings up an interesting story today. I got a phone call from Sarah at 3:45 today confirming that they were home from school. "Great, thanks for letting me know. Bye Bye" I thought to myself. No, from there it went into an argument over who gets the computer first. "Ben got to go first yesterday" Put Ben on. "Sarah said she'd let me go first if I helped her with something." Ben says with the tears starting to flow. Put Sarah back on. "Please let Ben go first" , I say. More tears. "But he went first yesterday and the day before...blah, blach blah" (More tears). Is anyone out there feeling my pain yet?

I reply through gritted teeth that "I can't talk about this now, I'll be home in an hour and we can talk about it then." (Hyperventalation kicks in.) Luckily Sarah sensed the Blood Pressure rise and succumbed to my wishes. I now have complete and full respect and appreciation for my Mom who in raising 6 kids got this kind of stuff regularly. It's a wonder she's not in the loony bin.

Got the kids off to school OK. Sarah was the taskmaster reminding me "Dad, Ben needs to brush his teeth before we leave." and "Dad, it's almost time for us to leave." (I was upstairs). God Bless her. She's keeping me sane. She seems to understand the magnitude of what needs to be done from day to day. She even took the dog out w/o provocation yesterday. Bless her.

I cooked the first real meal tonight for all of us, ravioli and garlic bread. Last night we had cereal for dinner. It's a bit of a tradition around here anyways, and no kid ever got fat eating raisin bran, right?

I started my first loads of laundry tonight. Trying to see if I can keep from turning everything to battleship grey.

Some other random thoughts and questions are below that came across my mind over the course of the evening tonight. I'll call them "Man Thoughts"

1. Cooking multiple items is all about the timing, isn't it?

2. What is the difference between Medium and Super sized loads on the clothes washer? They should have a fill line marked just for men. And furthermore, why no Large? Did McDonalds design this machine or what?

3. If jeans go in the darks, where do faded jeans go? Darks or colors? Why?

4. If spaghetti takes 8-11 minutes to cook, why does ravioli only take 3 minutes? Theyre both pasta products. I would think it would be the other way around.

5. How come a dog can hold it for 4 hours in a cage, but when you let him out, he's got to pee every hour?

Hardly the questions I went to College to understand, but mysteries, all of them today.

Well, speaking of the dog, I'd better take him out for his walk. Hopefully he hasn't left me a surprise in the kitchen in the time it has taken me to write this. A note from Donna is below.

Until Tomorrow...In Adventure...Jim

Heard from Donna today via phone and e-mail here's a snippet from her message:

"Love your blog...we are all enjoying it! Lesson #1 with Toby...CRATE WHEN IN SHOWER!This is a different world love. So much to tell you. I can't wait. Church yesterday was phenomenal. The people of this country are so passionate and faithful to the Lord. Jill and I were in tears during the service. It was amazing. You would have loved it. We think of you and Steve often. I am thankful to God that Jill is here to share this with me. I am learning things about myself that are fabulous and exhausting at the same time.

I have to run, but please pray for health and endurance...we are all doing well health wise,but the altitude is really bothering me head ache wise, etc. Pray for the women who are attending... that we be both hands and feet of Jesus with them. Pray for continued relationships with the women and the team. Give my love to everyone and thank them... I feel postively lifted and buoyed by prayer.... we all do.

I have to go sort cake mixes now. Kiss the kids and tell them that I LOVE THEM and miss them very very much. I saw a little boy with messy hair yesterday at church and missed my Benjamin. Love you honey! "


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