Mindiola Mudbowl 2009

Waking up to a soggy overcast morning, after an allnight rain, I expected Ben's soccer game to be cancelled, to no avail. It turned out for the better as the Pirahnnas won 6-3 in a high scoring bonanza. Ben got an awesome assist as he shot from the left hand side of the goal. It turned out a bit short, but ended up right on the foot of his teammate Aaron who scored.

It was one of those situations where the actual assist was better than the goal itself. Ben's teammates seemed to congratulate him more than the guy who scored. There might be a bit of Father-bias in the whole thing, but hey, you have to give me that much. In any case, it is so good to see my son out there competing and contributing to his team's success. As an adult who loved sports as a kid, I hope he will continue his athletic pursuits the rest of his life. Being physically fit is so important to your quality of life. But I digress.

Random thoughts and quotes:

  • "Heaven is a place that has to be believed to be seen."

  • When doing my 10 year old's laundry today, the underwear were tangled inside the legs of the pants making me wonder how he extricated himself from them.

  • How does Toby know it's not his pee from the day before that he's sniffing?

  • I'm trying to wrap my head around Brett Favre's brain. Are you in or out, guy?

  • This morning I had to call Ben downstairs to pick up the following things he had discarded by the coffee table: 1. His water bottle from soccer. 2. His Shin guards. 3. His pizza plate from lunch. 4. His claritin pill container from last night, that I explicitly told him I didn't want him to leave laying around last night. 5. A paperclip pretzeled into a the shape of a small mammal. I'm hoping the fact that I called him down to clean it up will serve as the teachable moment. Yeah right. I'm dreading what I will find when I go down there again.

  • All of the above point makes me even more appreciative for what my Mother and other Mothers do every day.

  • "Guilt-free idle time requires hard work to precede it."

  • Where is that line that differentiates a "color" from a "dark" in the wonderful world of laundry. Must be a gene that women have, that men don't.

  • Similarly, where is the line between a small load and a medium load? Can it be swayed by a single pair of underwear, or a washrag?

  • How come when Mom is gone, the dishwasher goes 2-3 days without being run. And when it does, it's mostly saucers, cereal bowls and glasses?

Off to the movies with the kids. Life is good.

Blogging off...


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