Time for It

A good day today. Nice, pleasant weather and all.

Walking the dog with my Ipod is one of the better parts of my day lately. Is that sad, or what? I'm not sure what to think about it. It's my happy place each day, because;

A. I'm outdoors, where I love to be most.
2. I'm getting exercise, a favorite pastime of mine
iii. I'm listening to tunes, another favorite pastime.

So while it might be sad, it's me. Simple, pleasurable down time. I think the dog likes it too because;

1. He's with his best bud.
ii. He can get away with peeing on the "floor"
C. He can eat any discarded food remnant that I don't block him from. (Yeah, best bud...right)

The neighbors probably set their clocks by my Toby walks, and that's OK too. I'm here to help.

Blogging off...


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