A Crown for a Prince.

My annual visit to the dentist today was a lesson in dental hygiene futility. I floss and brush daily, religiously as my wife will attest. Why then did they find not 1, not 2, but 3 fillings that need replacing? Add to that another tooth that needs a full crown, and well, it was a crappy way to start a Friday.

On the bright side, they can do it all in 3 easy appointments. No inconvenience there, no. I think they must be feeling the economic slump at Forward Dental or something. It didn't help that the hygienist was giving the doctor a heads up on everything she saw. "Yeah, number 14 looked fractured, and 7 looked kind of weak, and 21 looked a little shaky...etc." Hey, when did you get your doctorate, eh? I wanted to tell her to shut up and go sterilize some tools or something.

Frankly the crown thing scares me a bit. I've never had one and having had people describe it to me, it just sounds like ouchy. Besides, only old people are supposed to get crowns. Come to think of it only old people get fillings replaced. Hey...

Besides the Dental trauma, today was day 1 of Mr. Mom'ing it. It went OK I guess. As the kids get older, it gets easier each time. No bodily fluids to worry about. It's more refereeing than anything, at this point. The biggest non-suprise of the day though is that we had pizza for dinner. Donna had many meals planned out for us and "go out to dinner" as one option. Guess who used the "Go out to dinner free card" right away? Lazy? Perhaps. But when a man is faced with going home and preparing a meal (even a pre-prepared meal) or shelling out $6.83 for crazy bread and Little Ceasars, well, you figure it out. That is why, if left to our own devices, this family of 3 would die of either malnutrition or diabetes within 3 months of Donna not being around. Little Ceasars would be the defendant in the case.

Alas, they are beckoning me to come down to watch the movie we got from Netflix. So, stay tuned the next few days for more adventures from the land of Pizza Pizza.

Blogging off...


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