Most Peculiar Mama!

The reading at the All Writers Workshop 5th Birthday party went pretty well. I read the first 5 pages of the High School BWCA trip. The nerves weren't too bad, and I got through it with everything intact, so life is good. The audience seemed to enjoy it and it got some laughs, so I can't complain.

The weather is COLD again, single digits at night and teens during the day. Not conducive to moving much, at least not outside.

We went to watch the Huskies pull sleds for the JanBoree celebration at Minooka Park this past weekend. It was a good chance to get outdoors and try and enjoy winter at least a bit. Here's a video of one of the pulls. It was funny, because some of the dogs just sat there and looked at their owner like they were saying,

"WTF? You think I'm pulling that thing? Pull it yourself you parka'd dorkus. Then go back to drinking your nice warm coffee while I sit my furry butt on the cold asphalt and beg for stuff that might fall out of your hands."

Huskies are a smart breed, as well as being strong. Anyway, here's the video.

Well, it failed on upload. I love technology. Its so pure and righteous.

With that, I'll be blogging off for now...


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