What is Going On Here?

First Pat Robertson, then Rush Limbaugh. What is with these talking head idiots? My goodness! I can't believe people actually listen to either of them. Fat headed idiots. Clueless. Wow. Maybe if no one watched or listened to these freaks, the networks would take them off the air and they'd go away.

I don't mean that Olberman, Franken, and Moore are any better. I lump them with the rest of them. None of any of them deserve the air time they get. This is why I have no time for these fools. Losers evidently do.

Wow, where did that rant come from? Wow.

On the brighter side, writer's workshop is going great guns. I love every session. I am learning a ton about myself, my voice and style, as well as much about writing in general. Some very cool, artistic people in it too. There's a couple poets, a couple of young adult fiction writers, a(nother) memoirist, and a couple of fiction writers. It's great fun and I am challenged weekly by them all. I've agreed to read at the studio's 5th anniversary celebration next Saturday from 7:00-9:00. If you're not doing anything stop down. www.allwriters.org

A special shout of thanks goes out to daughter Sarah who lent me her laptop to blog with. I want a Windows 7 Laptop! Because she needs it back, I'll be blogging off.


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