Voices inside my head

It's a strange deal the way your perspective changes when you're actively writing. You look at situations in a whole new light, thinking, prying and gleaning as much from it as you can, in the hopes that you might be able to use some of it in your book, poem or short story. I love the sign that reads "Be careful, you might be a character in my next book." So true.

So I can hardly walk down the street anymore without looking around and taking it all in. Even the mundane. Sunsets, traffic patterns, people and the coats they are wearing, dogs, the smell of the air.

My question then is how do I stop the "noise"? Or is it a healthy noise that I should be paying attention to? If so, if I stop writing, will the noise stop?

I may be reading at one or two upcoming events.

1. All Writers Workshop is having a 5th anniversary celebration. The Mayor of Waukesha has been invited. It is on January 23rd and is at 7:00. http://www.allwriters.org/index.asp

2. Unsung Love Songs Book Launch and Poetry Open Mic at Artavina:

No promises, but I'd like to make at least one of them.

Blogging off for now...


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