Season Finale

Waukesha South's Freshman girls played their last games of the season tonight in the Classic 8 Tournament. Like much of the rest of the season, they got smashed in almost every game. They lost to Mukwonago 2-0 before I arrived. Then, they took on Waukesha West, who they started strong against, and promptly fell apart. That sent them to the consolation round versus Waukesha North.

Understand that Waukesha North is one of the few teams that South has beaten this year on a couple of occasions. Even they proceeded to put the beat down on South in the first two games of a best of five match. Game three was different, though.

The score was 24-22, and South was losing. If South loses, they go home without a win. Who comes up to serve, but Sarah. I'm tense thinking, if she misses the serve, North wins and South goes home. DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN, I'm thinking. There is a still small voice in my head saying, wouldn't it be cool if she kept serving enough to win the game? A long shot I know, but hey, a dad can dream, right?

She serves the first one perfectly over the net and North blows it. Score is 24-23. All I can think is at least she didn't miss that point.

Next thing I know she serves again and North muffs it again. 24-24. Sweet! "Nice job, Sarah!" I say. Now I'm starting to think, she can win this game! Serves again, a slight volley, and South gets another point! 24-25, South is now one point from winning.

Now I know exactly what is going through her mind at this time, in part because the same thing is going through my mind. That is, if she makes it and South scores, they win and force a fourth game. Neither of us really wanted that at this point in the night because we just want to go home.

At the same time I'm hoping and praying that they score and she's a heroine. In fact, I'm thinking if she does, I was going to run on the court and embarass her by giving her a hug.

She winds up and serves another good serve that gets volleyed a bit and then North ends up getting the point.


North then gets the next two points and wins the game 27-25. Oh the humanity!

In any case, I was so stinkin' proud of her that I almost cried. She stuck it out the whole season, and then finished out the year by serving better than she has all year. She's said on several occasions that she's not playing next year, and I can't hold that against her. She did what we asked, didn't like it particularly much, but finished it out. Good for her. I think she's a better person for it.

And so the season ends. The total wins all year can be counted on both hands, but a great ride. I was just happy to be a part of it.

Blogging off...


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