The Heavy Bear Comes Through

I got some more good news last night. I had submitted 5 poems to the Heavy Bear Online Journal and I got an e-mail that they liked all of them and will be publishing them in their December issue. Great news! It was especially cool to get all 5 accepted. Usually you submit 3 or four and hope for one. The editor said that I "use some strong images." It's great to get some positive feedback. It's what drives me as a writer.

For someone who considers himself a writer first, or a writer who "likes poetry too," I seem to be having decent success with the poetry thing. I'm not sure what to do with that, but am darn sure going to enjoy the ride while it lasts! Seeing any work published is a good thing and if you're not energized by it, you have something wrong with you. Sure, I agree we all write for different reasons, and most, (me included) do it out of passion first, it's just that it's nice to get recognized periodically.

The other nice thing that comes out of this was that she mentioned that when my book is finished, she offered to interview me on her radio blog talk show. That would be sweet! The only problem is it requires writing a book. I told her I hoped to have it done by next Christmas, even though I was originally hoping for this Christmas. It's nice to know that I've got a couple of publicity ties already (her and Boundary Waters Journal, who has also offered to plug my book in their magazine. I guess this means I really have to finish it after all.

Three days until Thanksgiving, two days until our guests arrive, and one day of work (I'm taking off Wed.) It should be a great holiday and we are cruising into it fairly relaxed, Donna and I. We got much work done this weekend, so are ready for them.

Well, the Vikings fired Brad Childress today. Poor guy, never had a chance after the whole stadium was calling for his firing yesterday. I guess something needed to happen. I feel sorry for the guy, but won't for too much longer because he's leaving with more money than I'll make in a lifetime. You couldn't pay me enough to be a head coach in the NFL anyway. Talk about pressure. Yikes.

Am going to cut this short. Hopefully more soon!

Blogging off...


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