Mr Mom for a Weekend

Day one of single parenthood went OK, I guess. I did have one speed bump in the morning however.

I dropped Ben off at school at 7:05 and returned home. I had to drop Sarah off before work at 8:00, so thought I'd get a quick shower in. Well, then the phone rang with a caller ID of "Waukesha Schools". I pick it up and it's Ben. "Hi Dad. Can you bring four cans of canned goods for the food drive this morning?"

"Uh, wha?" I thought.

Seems he forgot that he needed 4 canned goods for a project that would eventually end up in the food drive. Argh!

So I said I would, but it would be after 7:30 when I took Sarah to school. He said that's fine and that the teachers would let him wait outside until I got there.

Not so much.

When I arrived he (and everyone else for that matter) was nowhere to be found.

Did I say Argh? Oh yeah, that was before though. Argh!

I tell Sarah to go in and drop the four cans off with the person manning the door. She of course was muttering about having to cover for her mentally challenged brother. It was a painful dose of what my wife deals with on a weekly basis. Two kids, completely opposite personalities. Go Figure.

I cooked ravioli tonight for dinner. Thank goodness for frozen ravioli and canned sauce. A little french bread from the toaster and we were good to go. I tried to do the right thing and eat a salad from what I thought was lettuce in the fridge. It had a weird texture to it. For a moment I thought I might be eating a Cale salad. Sarah and I had a good laugh with the thought of it. Then, she said "Isn't cale poisonous if you don't cook it?" That created an anxious moment or two for me. I can see the headlines; "Man dies while trying to eat healthy".

Not what I want on my tombstone. Died of cale salad poisoning.

Sarah sent the question to "Cha Cha" on her phone. Cha cha is a service where they'll answer any question you send them by text. Much like a modern day equivalent of calling the reference desk at the library, except faster. They've yet to respond back, so if it is it must be a slow reacting poison.

So with regards to laundry, if you sort the whites, colors and darks, and you don't have enough of any three for a full load, is it OK to mix the darks and colors? Will it make the colors muted, or will it add color to the darks? Is that better than adding the colors to the whites? What is the wash basket etiquette I guess is my question?

Last night at All Writers workshop was a good time as usual. Small group of us, but some good laughs, especially when we got off topic. This session ended last night, so I'll be signing up for another 10 week session next Wed. It's still my favorite night of the week, in many respects. Great to be able to share stuff with my colleagues and get some great feedback. Fun listening to their stuff as well.

The instructor is talking about hosting a marketing class in January, so that sounds interesting. I just hope it's affordable.

It's 8:33 PM, and I haven't checked the mail yet. Can you tell I'm single parenting it? I'd better go do that and blog off for now...


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