Cyber Thursday

After getting all razzed over the possibility of getting a laptop cheap on Cyber Monday, I failed to convince the folks at Dell to cut me a deal on the machine I wanted by upgrading the processor. After negotiating with the sales clerk for a half an hour on a chat, I finally succumbed and said that I'd wait until the outlet came along and had another 15-20% off sale. I was hoping that would spur them to make an offer, but alas, they didn't.

Well all good things come to those who wait. Today I get an e-mail from Dell advertising a 15% off deal at the Dell Outlet. I took it as divine inspiration and jumped right onto the site. I found the exact machine I wanted for $459.00. After the discount, it dropped down to $390.00. It is a SWEET machine for that price. I was told by a couple of people that these refurbished machines are as good as the new because they've been so severely tested. Here's what it has on it:

320 GB Hard Drive
2.3 GHz Intel Processor - Dual Core
6 Cell Battery
15.6" Screen
Card reader

I am actually using the money I made from selling my article to Boundary Waters Journal, so it's not like it was an impulse hit to the credit card. (Even though it was. LOL)

I figure I've been working on "has been" laptops for a year and a half now, and that I deserve a better answer. My writing is taking off a bit, so I want to be able to do it without being tethered to an outlet (the batteries on the two laptops I have are shot), a bad operating system, or a slow internet connection. Oddly enough the Jetbook that I am typing this on right now that has been so flaky in the past, has actually been working remarkably well the past couple of weeks, and I'm not sure why. Probably because I just bought a new one, eh?

AllWriters workshop was awesome again last night. Turns out we have two new students, Ellen and Kathy, as well as a student who left and returned (Alita, which is a beautiful name IMHO). Neither of them brought anything to read, but it was good to have new blood and perspective in the circle of writers. I got some good feedback on the piece I presented on portaging (from my BWCA memoir). The great thing about this group is that they are SO supportive, but not afraid to tell you where you fell down.

Kathie Giorgio, the teacher, said that once she went to a workshop where she was instructed that the class was only to give positive feedback. No criticism. Her point, and it's completely valid, was how can anybody learn anything if they're not corrected? If you want touchy-feely feedback only, then read it to your family. If you want to grow as a writer, read it to your peers and see if they think it sucks or not. Ha! Writers are honest, sometimes brutally so.

We have one writer in our group who went to a workshop where they told her "Don't quit your day job." Nice! That's the opposite end of the spectrum, where you tear a person down. That's never good in any learning environment. Hopefully you can find something in-between. That's what AllWriters is. I love it and look forward to it every week.
Winter arrived this week. Temps in the low twenties all week and the threat of 5-7 inches of snow this Saturday. Yuck! I guess we've been lucky so far, so will try to look on the bright side.

It's my brother Paul's Birthday today. He's 3 years younger than me. He was always the artist in the family, getting his degree in Landscape Architecture. He's also a drummer and has always had a flair for the arts. He's a great brother, as are all my brothers, and I'm lucky to have him. My sisters are great too!

So, Happy 46th Paul. God Bless ya for another year, bro!

Blogging off...


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