A Most Melancholy Season

As we prepare to head to my sister Jane's holiday party this weekend, we got word last night that my brother Rob was rushed to Mayo for emergency surgery to remove a small, ping-pong ball sized growth from his spine. He was having trouble walking, so they went to the doc, and he recommended right away that they go to Mayo. At the clinic, they injected dye into his spinal column and found the growth. They determined that it was best to get it out right away.

He was in surgery for 6 hours from 6:30 - 12:30 or so. Word is that he looked good this morning and today, so that is encouraging. He will however, be in the hospital for a week recovering.

The whole thing just about knocked us over. We ALL thought Rob was in the clear, and on the way to a full recovery. This just stopped us in our tracks. I could barely think last night after I heard it. It's not fair and it just shouldn't happen to someone so young and vibrant. I was so emotional today and last night that I would tear-up at the weirdest moments. Totally unprovoked emotion. Sibling ties and emotions run deep I think, deeper than I knew.

All of this again has tweaked the old "life is but a whisper" notion that has been haunting me these past few years. I'm pretty sure it's a result of mid-life, but man, I just thank God for every day, and every person in every day.

Not to drag this blog down completely though. On the up-side, he did come through it with flying colors. He will be subjected to radiation though in an attempt to kill any additional cells that might be lingering. I hope he can be home for Christmas with his family.

It has been a tough year for a few people in our family and I frankly will be glad when 2010 is put to rest. 2011 has got to be better.

Writing class was great again last night. The two new women in our class are nice additions. Cathy wrote a funny piece on baby names and Ellen wrote a short start to a story about her husband's stroke. I love the new blood and I love Wednesday nights. It is complete release for me to get my stuff critiqued.

Snow tonight prohibited my attending the GIS Holiday gathering at Bar Louie. The snow isn't even that bad, but considering that I've got a 5 hr drive in front of me tomorrow, I didn't want to trek out tonight into the great white unknown. I think it's supposed to turn to freezing rain, which will make it even slicker later. Life is too short to put myself through all of that. No thanks, home is good.

On to age 49 I guess. Blogging off for now...


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