Yesterday in 2000...

So this Sunday Ben has chosen to be baptized with some of his peers from the middle school ministry, as well as a few high schoolers. Our church practice has it that when a person has made the choice to publicly proclaim their faith, they baptize them. It is pretty different than the practice I grew up with in the Catholic faith, but I understand the reasoning completely. I just think it's such a cool experience to watch and am so glad he's taking the step. My daughter was baptized in 8th grade as well, and it was pretty neat.

The fact that he's in 8th grade, and even more so, that we have TWO teenagers living at home is kind of weird. It seems like just last week he was the kid who stopped to look at himself in the stove window as he walked by it. Or the kid who used to stop dead in his tracks at the zoo to look down every sewer grate and catch basin he could.

He was the kid who had the best "cheesy smile" for every photo-op of his young life. Much like my brother Rob, he was always very aware of where the camera was, and photogenic to go along with it.

Seems like last month we were going to the park every chance we got to "play monster" where I would chase he and his sister through the jungle gym, down the slides and through the habit trail tubes.

Just yesterday he was 8 years old playing city rec-league soccer. The day before he was 2 dancing to "Under the Rainbow" with Sarah in the living room while I videotaped them. (Mom was at Matteo's or schlepping Pampered Chef).

He's gone from WebKinz to XBox, from Blues Clues to YouTube, from Shel Silverstein to Hunger Games, from Boys Club to Middle School Mosaic.

His voice is changing, he's getting entirely too tall, his feet are now big and he's starting to eat like me.

So this choice he's made to publicly declare his faith is pretty cool.

I just want to know when all of this happened?

Blogging off...


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