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Author Jim Landwehr

This is the continuation of my blog hop set up by Author Mindy Mymudes and her friend Author Lynda Cox . In the hop, each Author is to answer four questions and pass the blog on to three or four author friends. These friends then answer the same four questions a week later, thereby sending the blog on an infinite loop, or so it goes.

Below are my answers the interview questions.

What am I working on?  Actually, a number of things. From a marketing standpoint, I am working on getting the word out about my forthcoming book, Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir, due to be released by eLectio Publishing on June 17th, 2014. Marketing and publicity is a lot of work, but I consider myself lucky to be finally doing the legwork of book promotion. It is a good problem to have! My major writing focus at the moment is getting much of my poetry critiqued, cleaned up and edited. I intend to launch a collection of poetry on the heels of Dirty Shirt and want to have it ready to go when the time comes. And finally, from a submission standpoint, I continue to submit 2-3 works per week to various magazines. In the next few weeks I have publications coming out on the Tattooed Poets Project and the Free ZombieFiction Blog. Exciting times are these!

How does my work differ from others of its genre? I think the elements that stand out in my writing the most is a combination I call “humor with heart.” I try and use situational humor, sarcasm and dialogue to hook the reader in, and then hit them in the heartstrings with an emotional twist at the end. It’s a tough thing to write well, but can be an effective technique. The cool thing about it is its appeal to both those seeking humor and those looking for human interest.

Why do I write what I do? I have always loved writing about real things, real people, and real situations. Some people would say that memoirists and nonfiction writers don’t have the imaginations or creativity of fiction writers, to which I wholeheartedly disagree. I would argue that we have a different way of processing what we’ve seen and experienced than non-writers who may have experienced the same thing. It’s hard to explain, but I feel there’s a reason that certain situations and events are seared into our minds with great clarity sometimes. It’s getting them out and on to the page in an understandable and entertaining format that makes me love what I do. It’s also worth noting that it’s not that I can’t write fiction - I have and will do more fiction writing – it’s just not my first choice. I think we need to be true to ourselves and what we’re good at.

How does my writing process work?  I recently blogged about this. Some writers have a real routine or are ultra-disciplined about when and  where they write. I find that life keeps getting in the way of that, so I write when I can find time. Most often it’s in my favorite chair in the living room, oftentimes listening to quiet music while I write. I’ve also developed a habit of going to write in local coffee shops and the library. Both of those external venues seem to stir up creative thoughts that I can’t get in my living room. I can’t really explain why, but sometimes I need a bit of ambient noise. Most of all though, I write when I can, where I can.

Because this is a blog-hop, let me introduce a few more author/bloggers who have become friends since my book was accepted. Their blogs and books are worth checking out:

Bart J. Gilbertson is the author of the Pookotz Sisters Mystery Series.  Although he was born in Wisconsin, he spent most of his youth and later years in the rocky mountain state of Idaho.  He has been all over the northwest and it is his love for the lush green state of Oregon that inspired the setting for Pleasant Lake and its inhabitants. His blog is at:!blog/c29d

Allison Brooks Schley is a Wisconsin Sound Beginnings Birth-to Three Consultant and a teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. Allison has written two children's books Forever Friends and Dexter Saves the Day. She was invited to speak about hearing loss on The Morning Blend television talk show in August, 2012. 

Katharine Newell Brown is a mother of two (with a third one on the way) and writes flash fiction and short stories. Her work has been published in The Peel literary magazine and Lascaux Flash Fiction. She has aspirations for publishing a short story collection in the near future. Her blog is located at:

Christy Decker is a mother of four, (with a fifth one on the way) a Navy veteran, a runner and a writer whose first book Absolved is being published on eLectio Publishing on April 8th. Her blog is found at:

These are all new friends and good people. Support them by reading their books or following their blogs.

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mudepoz said…
Great post Jim! I'm looking forward to reading your book.

And of course, anything with a zombie has got to be good.

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