Gift Ideas and a Giveaway

Gift Ideas and an eBook Giveaway

Unfortunately, it's that time of year for shameless self promotion. Below are all of the books that feature my writing in one spot for the readers on your Christmas lists. Click the links to purchase them in time for Christmas.

For putting up with this shameful blog post and to help me celebrate a great year in writing, I am hosting an eBook giveaway! The prizes are eBooks of:

Memories from Maple Street, USA: The Best Christmas Ever  (1 eBook)


Memories from Maple Street, USA: Leaving Childhood Behind  (1 eBook)

Here's how it works. To enter the drawing, you just need to:

1. Like this post on Facebook (Earns one entry)


2. Share this post on Facebook (Earns two entries)


3. Like my Author page (Earns one entry) (New followers only)


4. All three of the above. (Entries are cumulative)

Then, on Saturday, December 5th, I'll draw two winners and send them the information on how to get their free eBook from Smashwords

Thanks for your support throughout the year. Your reviews, words of encouragement and feedback mean more to me than you can ever imagine. 

Good luck and Happy Holidays!


The Best Christmas Ever - Anthology   $8.99

A collection of heartwarming stories of Christmas as recalled by a number of talented authors. Who can forget that surprise gift from Mom and Dad, or the smells, sights and sounds of Christmas morning at home? This collection of short stories is sure to bring it all back to you or someone you know. Jim's own story of Christmas in 1983 is one of the many classic looks back at a Christmas memory from long ago. 

Leaving Childhood Behind - Anthology   $9.99

This anthology is riddled with stories of growing up when kids were left outdoors to make their own fun and free to roam the neighborhood until dark. If you miss those simpler times, this is the book for you. Jim's story details a cure for boredom on a warm summer day in St. Paul, Minnesota in the 1970's.
Creatures of Habitat - Anthology   $14.95

Home is also tied to place and community. “Where are you from?” is asked by strangers who want to get acquainted. Usually first memories occur on our stairs, in our basements or bedrooms. Our childhood home may be our safest cocoon or our greatest fear—is it the place we return to or are escaping from in our dreams?
This collection of stories will take you home. One of Jim's stories about fire and firefighting is featured in this anthology.
Written Life - Poetry Collection   $10.99

Written Life takes a whimsical swing at poetic conventions as it delves into the intricacies of Midwestern life in the twenty-first century. It asks the hard questions, like, God, who are you? Death, when will you come? Dog, have you been let out lately? Introspection and humor, joy and sorrow, murder and pyromania are all fair game in this life; this 
Written Life.

Dirty Shirt - Memoir/Nonfiction   $16.99
Jim Landwehr and his brothers pursue their love of the outdoors by tackling some of the country's most remote terrain, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. While encountering crazed loons, widow-making portages, and temperamental automobiles, they also discover more about each other and their long deceased father. In recent years, with a desire to instill their love of the area into their own children, they include them in their voyages, and the legacy continues. Their exploits are woven throughout with humor, emotion, and warmth.


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