Summer's Passing

Tomorrow is the last day of September, so I can no longer deny that the Fall season is upon us. I look at fall every year with mixed emotions. There are things I love about it and things I hate. Here is a running list of both.

  • I absolutely love the color changes. A sure sign that I'm old and getting older, is my appreciation for the fire burst of color that makes up late September until late October. It almost makes the season worth it. But...
  • I strongly hate that I can no longer comfortably wear a T-Shirt and shorts. If you know me, that is my summer attire from May until mid-September. Long pants and shirts are confining, so I put off the transition to pants for as long as possible. At this writing, I am in shorts and a long sleeve shirt. Making the move slowly.
  • I really like the smell of fall. Outdoors whether it's dead or burning leaves, and indoors whether it's apple pie, soup, bread or pumpkin anything.
  • I hate that I have to close my windows because it's too cool. I also miss not being able to use my window fan as white noise. 
  • I like not having to close all the shades in the house because I know it's going to be a blistering hot day.
  • I absolutely hate the fact that it gets dark by 6:45 now. I will hate it more each month until April when there's some hope. I may need to seek counseling this year. I go into a near depression late in every winter and it seems to get worse with age. It's my goal to make a somewhat regular habit of going Cross Country skiing at least a couple of times a week - just to get me outdoors. I live for being outdoors, but not when it's five degrees out.
  • I love the coming holidays. Halloween is my least favorite, but I do like carving pumpkins and giving candy out to the seven kids that come to our door every year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are great times of connecting with friends and family.
  • I dislike that going anywhere requires a sweatshirt at a minimum, and preferably a coat.
Maybe Fall is your favorite season. It would probably be higher up on my list if it wasn't followed by the meanest season of all. Anyway, it's my goal to try and get through this fall and winter with a better mindset. If you have any suggestions on how to do this that doesn't involve a sun lamp or a drinking habit, I'm all ears.

Happy Fall! <<

Blogging off...


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