A New Hope

We are a couple of days away from 2016 being over and done with. And let me tell you, I'll be the first one in line toasting good riddance to it. It has been a tough, difficult year in our country and our world - one of the worst I can remember anyway. I try and be as positive a person as I can, but this year was a struggle to keep my chin up.

There were a multitude of racially charged cop/citizen shootings that created demonstrations and counter demonstrations. Throw on top of this the nearly weekly active shooter occurrences and it kind of makes one sick to their stomach. I don't know what the answer is anymore, but I'm guessing a good start would be less guns and more punitive measures on gun crimes. I'm no expert though, so this is just a thought. I just want it to stop. 

And of course we had a rash of high profile celebrity deaths this year too. For some reasons the ones that always hit me the hardest are the rock stars of my youth. This year saw names like Prince, David Bowie and Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Glenn Frey and George Michael. I was never a huge fan of any of them, but they were all the face of my young generation, so it's a bit of an eye opener. When you're young, you kind of assume these guys are going to live forever. When you see the ages of some of them you kind of look over your shoulder to check for guys in long black robes bearing scythes. 

And then, don't even get me started on Carrie Fischer. That one slays me. 

There might have been one of the biggest election circuses that ever saw air time this past year too. I'm not sure. I can't remember. I bought in early to the candidate who got aced out (not naming names, but it started with a B) and when said candidate dropped out I was left with no good option. Another lesser of two evils election. It was divisive and ugly and long and drawn out. I for one am glad its over. Let the praying begin (and that would have been true for either candidate.)

To pile on to the craptastic year that was 2016, my wife and I have had a handful of health issues afflict our parents. Donna's father had a couple of heart stents put in today and her mother is struggling with worsening dementia. A couple of days ago my mother was admitted into a hospital for some lung related issues - a form of COPD. My wife and I realize we are of an age where this is the new normal. We will continue to love and try and help where and when we can. 

Because of the rough year we've had, the fear of the future is not really fear at all anymore. I can't wait for it, really. Last night I saw Rogue One with my daughter and the final line mentions that a data exchange about the death star gives the rebellion "hope." 

That is is a message I will ride alongside into 2017. 


Blogging off...


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