Its Beginning To Look Like Not Quite Solstice

Well, the BIG winter jacket came out this week.

The polar blast has swung into Wisconsin with a vengeance. Temps aren't even that bad, low to mid twenties. It's the wind that is killing us. We've had a steady 10-20 mph wind for the past three days. It makes a feel-like temperature in the low single digits. The other day I was walking home and faced a strong head wind for much of the walk. I began to wonder if I would make it home without sustaining a frostbitten nose. Thankfully I had a great jacket with a decent hood and made it home unscathed - albeit delirious and out of breath.

And so we've come upon that time of year. The jig is up, the furnace is howling - shaking the whole house - and there's no turning back. Time to gas up the snow blower, ready the shovel, bust out the wool socks and cotton long johns and brace yourselves.

I am determined to make the best of it this winter and try and not be a depressed whiner about it all. Every day is a blessing I'm told, even if my skin has all the suppleness of a Nevada salt flat. I aim to look at it that way even if I AM looking through the periscope hole of my parka hood. It's winter dang it. Joy to the world, right?

I'm looking for the good in the little things. Things like:

  •  The clear blue skies of the morning walk - when it's not cloudy and battleship grey. Though clear skies usually mean cooler temps. But the clear blue skies. Yay, that!
  • The fact that Christmas is coming. The lights are beautiful and the tree is purchased and up. I only lost a couple of fingers picking it out last night, but it was worth it. It's beautiful. Yay for the tree!
  • That, despite our howling furnace that shakes the house, we are slated to get a new one installed a week from today - at great expense mind you. It won't fit under our Christmas tree, but we will be putting a bow on it - To: Donna and Jim from Donna and Jim - for the next three years! Yay, heat.
  •  In two weeks, the days will start getting longer. I know this is a simple joy, but it is the start of a climb toward June 21st when it is light out until nine o'clock - and I love that. I know it's only longer by 3-5 minutes a day or something ridiculous. but hey, I'm struggling here. Work with me. Yay, longer days in two weeks, after a ridiculously short December 20th. 
  • Both of my cars have batteries less than 3 years old. Yay, cold cranking amps!
  • We had an extremely mild November and, so far a fairly dry December. That much closer to April. Yay, meteorology!
  • I've found that dark beer helps. Yay, beer!
So, it's one day at a time around here. Lots of winter ahead, but I'm counting on you all to keep hounding me about how it's not that bad - even when I know you're lying. 

Because, I love winter! Love it!

Blogging off...


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