Walking Toward It

It is a tough time for our country politically. An  impeachment hearing is probably as divisive an event as a country can go through. People get ugly about it. I know I am guilty of spending entirely too much time on Twitter lately which from a political standpoint is a toxic wasteland. All it does is enrage me. I need to stay off. I've always said I'm not a politically outspoken person, but in these times, it's hard not to speak up.

I'd be better served to notice the points of light and goodness around me than contributing to the cesspool of vitriol.

For example, on Friday morning of last week, as I was walking to work, the first two people I encountered said, "Good morning." It immediately changed my mood from nondescript to cheery in a matter of four words. The next person walked past looking down, but the next two I passed both said good morning as well. Altogether, 4 out of 5 gave some sort of greeting. Just a day prior it was only one of three.

Just to be clear, my rule is, if I establish eye contact I will initiate a greeting. If they are looking down or distracted, I don't bother. This is partly my introversion, partly respect for peoples' privacy. In fact, it's not that I'm even looking for people to say hi to as much as to assure them that I am not a threat. I realize a 6'4" white male walking anywhere in this day and age can be perceived as such, so my intentions are noble.

With regards to that, I respect when a woman walks by without looking up, because they've got to be on guard much more than men, which pains me and is a sad statement for our world. Everyone should be able to at least walk the streets without fear, but alas, there's crappy, creepy, bad people everywhere you go, I guess

At the end of my walk that day I realized how those little interactions - something as simple as someone saying "Good morning" with a bit of a smile - can make the day lighter. We need more of that in this ugly world and it doesn't cost a dime.

So, as bad as this political crap is - and it doesn't look to change real soon, in this an election year - I urge you to look for the light in people. At the same time, look inward and see where you need work as well. It's easy to jump on the name calling wagon, just look at both sides of the political aisle and you'll see our "leaders" stooping to middle-school level name calling. It's embarrassing to say I voted for any of them.

Instead, find something good to say to someone tomorrow, the next day, or next week. The world
could use a lot more of it about now. Compliments look good on you.

Blogging off...


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