International Women's Day

With today being International Women's Day I'd like to call out a few that have impacted my life in significant ways. There's really too many to count, including Elizabeth Warren who just dropped out of the Presidential race. She was my first pick in part because I think it's high time we give a woman a chance at running the country. Lord knows there's been enough middle of the road or downright inept men running it at times in our history. Well, evidently we're not ready for that yet, so maybe as a VP.

I'll start with the obvious, my mom. She'll be 87 in a few weeks and is still kicking. In fact when I typically call her on a Sunday evening, she's usually entertaining or on her way out the door to some social event. She almost single handedly raised 7 of us right and lived to tell about. A feat of human strength if you ask me.

Of course there's my wife. The past three years we've been adapting to an empty nest around here with both our kids out on their own. I was a little worried about the transition and how we'd fare, but it's be nothing but good as we've rediscovered what brought us together in the first place. She keeps me sane and puts up with my need for creativity, exercise and fishing. I am blessed.

My daughter, one of the kindest, smartest and funniest souls I can think of. I am incredibly proud of the woman she's become and can't wait to see where life takes her.

I'd have to say my sisters and sisters in-law for all they've done in their part as the village that helped us raise our kids. They love our kids like their own, and much like we did with their kids on college, they helped ours out during their time at the U of M and UW Madison.

My nieces with kids for the mothers they've become.

The women I work with at the County, whether behind the scenes or on the forefront, their work is as important as the highest elected official.

The women of my writing community. They cheer me on and call me out when my stories go astray, which is like every fourth sentence or so. I appreciate their attention to detail and their cheers when I have success.

The women of CollectiveMKE, my church community. Strong women muddling their way through their faith walk with the rest of us. I love laughing and learning alongside them.

All of the women politicians who stand up for what is right and just. Those who question the patriarchy and keep them accountable. Our country needs good, strong leaders from both male and female.

My mother in-law as she courageously battles dementia. For all she's done in the past to raise her kids, I am forever indebted. I miss her laughter and connection but know she's still doing the best she knows and loves us all.

So, to all of the women in my life, thank you for all you do!


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