Picture My Life - 2004

As part of a creative exercise, I'm taking a picture from every year of my extensive photo collection and writing about it. I use the month and date to determine the folder # and picture #. This random but measured system will provide a glimpse into the people and places of my past.

This shot comes from 2004. It was taken by a stranger because I wanted to capture the moment together with Ben at a Brewers game. We had a seat in left field - not sure how I got tickets, but it's not like me to go to a lot of games, so I probably got them free. 

I do remember that Ben Sheets pitched out of his mind and threw at least 11 strikeouts, if not more. 

The picture reminds me of my days in the Big Brothers program in the late 80s when I had a "little brother" that absolutely loved the Brewers, and the game of baseball. We went to a ton of games together because BB/BS always seemed to have free tickets. This kid, Michael, was a baseball nut. He quoted stats and knew the history of most of the guys on the team. All during a time when the Brewers were brutally bad. It's  nice to have them back winning, though, as I said, I'm not much of a baseball fan.

I'll always treasure these moments with Ben, though at the time, I think he had as much or more fun at the little playground they had at the stadium, than he did watching the game. I remember another game that he and I and my father in-law attended where the kids got to run the bases, which was another pretty cool moment for him, his grandfather and me. 

And now it seems with all the mania that is coronavirus, the season may never start. I'm not sure what to think of this whole hysteria, but I do know that going to a stadium with 45,000 other potential carriers is probably one of the worst ideas ever. So it goes.

Blogging off... 


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