Isolation Innovation

I've noticed a number of positive attempts at keeping people engaged or connected or just looking up during the Coronavirus isolation that we're all working through. Here's a rundown of 10 of them, some I've heard of, some I've participated in.

  1. Visual and Word prompts for writing. A friend posts a picture and an inspirational message and people are encouraged to write a paragraph, story or poem about it. Great for writer types and writer wannabes
  2. Art: A friend posts a digital blank picture and friends are encouraged to color it using MS Paint, Photoshop or real art materials.
  3. My digital art!
    Hatpy Hour where a bunch of friends all get a hat and a drink and hang out on Zoom.
  4. Virtual Church gatherings using Google Hangouts
  5. 5:00 Happy Hour outdoors & "meet your neighbor". A friend parked his lawn chair on his lawn with a couple on either side 6' away or more, in hopes a neighbor would sit down and chat.
  6. Virtual writing critique groups using Zoom. Writers share work by email then talk about them in Zoom. Same thing for Book Groups.
  7. Video sharing of an angry love song lyric as a recited poem. You take an portion of a famous love song and speak the lyrics in an angry voice. It's like poetic karaoke. Fun!
  8. Mini Concerts: Someone on Facebook posted that once a day at 6:00 PM or so, they put their big speakers on their porch and blast one song really loud. The neighbors all go outside and wave their phones like it's a concert. As long as the music is good, sounds fun!
  9. Musicians that were schedule to do live events at bars are broadcasting them on the web instead.
  10. Family Connection Groups. My extended family created a temporary facebook group that anyone of us can post to. It is a way of checking up with one another, encouraging family interaction and story sharing.
Despite all of the bad that this isolation is bringing upon everyone, it is also bringing about some innovation by people in order to stay connected (and sane, I would add.) Some cool ideas to go along with all of the hilarious memes I'm seeing and sharing on social media.

If you have any other ideas, share them with me on Facebook. I may or may not need them.

In the meantime, hang in there. We'll get through this.

Blogging off...


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