Easter, Opening Day and Tuesday

Had a great Easter celebration with friends this year. We did a progressive dinner thing with two other families. It started at our place at about 2:30 with drinks and appetizers. It moved to the Barretts at about 4:15 and finished up there with dinner and desserts. It was a ton of laughs with them and the Merschdorf's, as it always is. Such good friends they are, both of those families.

It wasn't without bloodshed, as both Lauryn and Tom got hit with the basketball during a game of elimination. No one needed professional medical attention, though Tom did have an ice pack on his schnozz for a bit. The pickup basketball game was actually kinda fun and a nice outside diversion on a very pleasant spring day.

Opening day for baseball was yesterday and was a non-event for me. It was a beautiful day, which is a rarity for the opener, but didn't mean much to me, as I was at work and really didn't even get to check the score until they were down 5-1. They eventually lost 5-3. And so it begins I guess.

Otherwise, it has been pretty event-less around here. Taking the good weather days with the bad and counting our blessings.

So just wanted to get a quick post in. For now I'm blogging off...


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