Memory Lane

Just got back from the Intelligraphics/ASI office closing party. It was a great event, albeit low on attendance. Saw some great old faces from my days of digitizing on a 6' digitizing board with dual black and white screens using a VAX 11/780 mainframe and an Intergraph IGDS database management system. Why I know these things I do not know. It's important though to remember your roots and from whence you came so you can keep it all in perspective. It allows you to know not only where you came from, but where you're going to, perhaps.

Spent the majority of the night with my good friends Bill and Patty. Talked a lot about the old times and the crazy stuff we did, but a fair amount about what's transpired since then. People lead such diverse lives; divorces, place changes, job changes, kids come and gone and come back again, etc. It is so weird to think that something that feels like it was just last year, was actually 18 years ago now. The people are still the same fun loving sorts, it's just weird to see what time and life has done with/to them. For the most part it's good, but some bad stuff too.

The party was held in a building that I never worked in. Toured it once as a spectator. The building I worked in has been empty for years. They can't seem to find a tenant. Kind of off the beaten path. A shame really.

Wanted to post an update. Life is good. Changing every day, but very very good. I'm glad I went to this event. It was like going to my 30th reunion last summer. I feel called to touch base with those that touched me at some point in my life. Life is incredibly short, and the important thing is the people in it, not the stuff, or the money. Good friends, family, co-workers, pets, parents, etc. Relationships are where it's at for me right now. Hug someone and tell them how you feel about them. They might be gone tomorrow. I'll stop with the philosophy for now and blog off!~~~


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