Change for Change Sake

I got tired of the look of my blog, so changed the template. I like this new look much better. Let me know if you do too...whoever you are.

It's been a brutally long week, this being the third Thursday of it so far, it seems. I think when you get 80+ degrees on Monday and it's snowing on Thursday morning, that kind of drags the week to a halt. I hope someone kicks it in the butt, because I'm getting tired of going to work.

Writing class was a drag last night too. Only 3 of us showed up, so it was a quiet session. I've grown to like the big groups where we cover everything from wild, whacked poetry to far fetched fiction, to thought provoking memoir and all points in between. The group gets kind of rambunctious and I'd almost say punchy after the first hour of bad coffee and sugar sweets.

This group has really grown on me. I feel I'm with equals again, even though most of them are more accomplished writers than me. There is no putting down of anyone, it's a mostly supportive bunch. Oh sure there are some mildly tense moments when someone is a bit too critical or pushes a point a bit too far, but those moments are pretty rare.

What I like about the group is the incredible diversity of people and the great variety of writing styles and genres. I cannot for the sake of me get my arms around what's in some of these fiction writers' heads. I don't mean this in a derogatory way at all. It's more admiration. I cannot think up some of the wild crap they think of to put in a book. I deal much better with reality/memoir/creative nonfiction salted with lots of humor. That's my thing.

As I say, I admire their ability to pull stuff out and get it down, but I've never really been that kind of writer. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. I think as a writer you need to be true to self. Now if you'd have ever told me that I'd be not only writing poetry, but publishing or even attempting to get poems published I'd of called you a monkey's uncle. I guess it's something I'm using to stretch myself while I just go along for the ride. It's great fun and I'm doing something right because people are liking it.

All of this leads me to believe that a fiction work is in my future at some point. The closest thing to it was the short story piece I wrote on the painting for the AllWriters art crawl reading that never happened. That piece was a stretch for me because I had never done that much dialogue and scene setting before. I enjoyed that too, but it was waaaaayyyyyyy different than anything I've done before. Time will tell, but I really think that a fiction work is somewhere down the road.

Well, alas, speaking of my writing class, I should probably be working on next week's lesson, so I'll cut this off at the knees. Hopefully when I awaken tomorrow morning, it won't be Thursday again.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Blogging off...


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