Weekend Warrior

Alas the weekend is upon us. Hooray!

Had a busy start to the day today. Ben had soccer at 10:15. His team played much better than last week, but still lost 2-0. The goals were both lucky as the goalie got his hands on both, just couldn't seal the deal.

Then, after drinking a full strength Starbucks at the game, I went into spin mode where I had so much that I wanted to do, I wasn't sure which thing to do first. I ended up getting most of it done, but not at all in the order I planned, nor to the level of satisfaction that I'd hoped for some of it.

Had a decent week last week. Writing class was OK. We had an outstanding poem submitted by Alita on Google. She was looking up how to make a recipe, and ended up turning what the auto-fill came up with into a poem that was hilarious. How to lose weight, for example was right above how to get pregnant. Brilliant it was, funny and poignant.

Tomorrow is writing day. I've got to keep moving on the memoir, lest it fester and die.

I will blog about my adventure to Feet 'n' Fingers of a couple of weeks ago with Ben. It was one of the strangest experiences in a while (for me), but he had a blast, so that's all that matters. There was too much to take in and process immediately, so I'm kind of letting it age and will use it for a future post, or publication perhaps.

My mom turns 77 today. What a great day for a great woman! She raised 7 of us the best she knew and we all came out normal. Amazing, actually. So mom, if you're reading this, Happy Belated Birthday. You're the best!

Everyone but us is at Myrtle Beach today. I DO love it down there. So much to see and do. I loathe the long drive, but love the salty air and southern hospitality. Those trips will always stick in my mind as some of the most relaxing, though the last few years we went down, the weather could be so spotty. The first few seemed so perfect every year. It's truly a crap shoot. We'll be using vacation for Colorado, California, and Canada this year. Cannot wait.

We got a GPS yesterday, which is a bit of an insult to my directional skills, but it'll come in good use on our long trips. I particularly like the "Yeti" voice we downloaded. When you make a wrong turn, he just goes "Rrrrowoowllowoowaaa!" Funny stuff.

Well, the dog beckons and dinner smells delicious, so I'll keep this post short. Perhaps more tomorrow? Let's hope!

For now, I'm...blogging off.


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