New Year Hopes

I fished around for a title for this post and this was the best I could do. I don't mean to jump all over the New Year bandwagon, but given the way 2010 ended, I have to focus on what might be or how I can change to make what IS happening, better or maybe more bearable.

Here's what I hope to do better in 2010:

  1. Listen to people better, especially my family. This is still my weak point. If you know me, please help me with this.
  2. Read fewer "Comments" on JSOnline articles (Our online newspaper). These people do not deserve the time or energy. Most can't write a coherent, complete sentence.
  3. Take more opportunities to have coffee/cocoa with Ben and Sarah at Steaming Cup. I had such a good time with Ben playing Boggle today, I almost cried. 6 years and he'll be off to college. 3 for Sarah. Time is short.
  4. Keep in better touch with my Mom, brothers, sisters and in-laws.
  5. Break up my routine; be it small things or whatever.
  6. Give more of my time to service opportunities for church.
  7. Complement people deserving of it more
  8. Pick causes worth pursuing and leave those not.
  9. Follow my first instinct, not my second excuse out of it.
  10. Do occasional "media fasts"

Our pastor today talked about how as God's people, he is continuously chiseling away at us. My spin on his message is that if we choose not to follow, the chisel stops and we tend to get lopsided or misshapen. If you have some hatred, or greed or lust, or gossip, or slander, or malice, or deceit, or selfishness, or vanity, or pride, or envy, or any other sin on your frame, and won't let him chip it off, it will not only make you difficult to like or love, but serves to disappoint Him.

It might pay to let the master craftsman work on you this year. I know that's my intention.

Blogging off...


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