The Treadmill Called Life

I just posted on facebook a question of; Why is it the more I do, the more I feel like I'm not doing enough? It seems that now that I'm writing on a regular basis, something I used to say I never had time to do, I spend more time than ever beating myself up over how much I'm not doing. Sure, I KNOW I'm doing a good amount, and I KNOW I've had success with it and I KNOW it's more than I used to do, but I still feel like I waste an incredible amount of time doing things that could be better spent behind the keyboard.

Now, the lazy sot in me says I should just do less, because then I may still feel as though I'm not doing enough, but at least I wouldn't have to work as hard. Ha! Like anything, there's a balance to be attained, and I'm still trying to find it.

For now though, it's monday night and I'm beat. Blogging off...


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