Wrong and Right

From where I stand here are ten things that are wrong and ten things that are right with the world today:

1. That people waiting in line for anything can't leave their cell phone alone for 5 minutes.
2. Drive through lines at Walgreens to get prescriptions. It's no wonder we're sick. We're too lazy to get out of the car. (Have never used the drive through lines, personally)
3. Penalty challenges in the NFL, College Football and many other sports. Spare me the 5 minute stoppage.
4. Intersection cameras. Two words: Police state.
5. Leaf blowers. Can you get any more annoying and offensive?
6. Vat-o-popcorn at the theatres for, like $11.00. C'mon!
7. Talk radio nut jobs. Left wing/Right wing, all of them. Think for yourself.
8. Any TV over 50 inches. Why?
9. Overblown team introductions for ANY sport. I saw the Buffalo Sabres introducing the assistant Medical Trainer over the PA last weekend for their opener. Glad I saw that.
10. College tuitions. Out of site. Education should be affordable.


1. Any free wireless
2. One person, one vote. (Most of the time)
3. Recycling is prevalent everywhere
4. Windmills and CFL bulbs (Love them or hate them.)
5. Hybrid cars
6. National Health Care. The US can learn from Canada and Great Britain.
7. Organic Farming and locally grown food. Support it!
8. Freedom of religion
9. Light rail and bike lanes. (Learn from Madison, WI and Portland, OR)
10. Food shelves


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