Animal House

I missed my post last night, so am playing catch up tonight with a brief post. I've been running non-stop for two days.

Anyhow, it's day two of no women in the Landwehr household. Sarah's in Minnesota, of course, and Donna is in Nashville, Tennessee with friends. Furthermore, at the moment, Ben is at the high school football game, so it is just me, the dog, two cats and Bob Marley on the stereo to break the silence.

These are always strange stretches when the wife's away, both good and bad. I think she REALLY needed a trip to herself and I am quite enjoying the freedom of not reporting to anyone except for Ben and said dog and two cats. She left us with plenty of food, as she always does, so we're good with that. It's a bit like a middle aged/prepubescent frat house around here right now.

Some of the differences I've noticed in the short time the house has been male dominated include:

1. The toilet seat stays up without fear of verbal admonishment. No worries here.

2. A five dollar "hot and ready" Lil Caesars' pizza covers for dinner and lunch for both of us with out so much as turning on the oven. Score!

3. Due in-part to #2 above, the dishwasher only gets run every third day.

4. When I instructed Ben that he needed to make his lunch for school Thursday, he said "Maybe I'll just buy my lunch, Dad." Like father, like son. He gets all of his culinary prowess from me. Lord help him.

5. It seems that clothes laundered separately because of white vs. colors, can be dried together (can't they?) without issue.

6. A general state of "unkemptness" is really okay until the night before she comes home.

7. Meals at times are eaten standing up and can be totally without a course structure.

8. Garlic bread counts as a meal.

9. I can stay out as late as I want. But I don't want.

10. I'll get to it when I want to get to it. It will get done, though.

And so, if you're not doing anything the next few days, stop on over to Alpha Kappa Thi and see what's happening. Tomorrow I'm having a carpet cleaning party, so be sure and wash your feet before you show up to help move furniture. 

Oh, and be sure to bring a pizza and a six pack when you come.

Blogging off...


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