Hopes and Dreams

It seems for the moment that spring has set foot in Southeastern Wisconsin. We hit 45 degrees yesterday, all of that and then some today and the next few days should be as good or better.

You don't have to look back too many posts to see the sorry state I was in just a little over a week ago with regards to winter. (See: Parting Thoughts). I and the rest of my family were at wits end with winter. We'd reached that end-of-February "give up" stage. You know the one. Where you give up caring about shoveling, you give up trying to keep the cold out by just cranking the heat higher, and you give up to a certain degree with your personal appearance. My wife and I each have a favorite sweatshirt/fleece that keeps us toasty. The problem is, it becomes the be-all/end-all of our post-work attire. Luckily we can laugh about our hopeless condition, both of us swearing that we'll burn the items when it warms up.

Well, most of the winter blues started to drift away a couple of days ago. Ben and I and a couple of friends went to the Journal Sentinel Sports Show on Friday. It has become a tradition with Ben that I have grown to really enjoy. The best part of it every year is that it give me HOPE. Hope that this dreadful winter will one day end. Hope that the lakes will thaw - and stay thawed. Hope that I can one day wear a coat that doesn't weigh 10 pounds.

Yes, just being around the boats and tents and deer stands and motorcycles gets Ben and I jazzed for spring and summer. We started talking about our coming trip to the BWCA in June. Ben bought a pocket knife for the occasion as well as for a trip to the Porcupine Mountains that he's taking with a friend and his father this summer. As a tradition, we both tried our hands at the Daniel Boone BB Gun marksmanship range. I managed to do okay this year, scoring a 46 (with 50 being the high score.) Keeping my day job though.

We dream about that $30,000 pontoon or that Stingray speedboat. We salivate over the $24,000 fishing boats. We watch the dogs as they respond to their trainers and dream about Toby doing that.  (yeah, right). We even joke about the Sham-Wow display. Like Ben says, they take your money and when you get home you realize it's all a sham and you say, Wow!

It is total escape from the dirty snow and road salt of early March.

And right now, it is all the hope I can ask for.

Blogging off...


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