Written Life - Sneak Peek #1

My poetry collection, Written Life,  comes out on March 31st. In order to give a sneak peek at what it's all about, once a week for the next few weeks I'll be blogging about some of the content. It will give you a flavor for what's inside and hopefully pique your interest.

The Written Life collection is comprised of about sixty poems.  They are broken up by theme, with each theme having between five and nine poems. Like other genres, poetry kind of hangs the author out there on the scarecrow post for all the world to see. It also may expose more of him/her than other genres do at times.It is my hope that my poems will make the reader laugh, cry, think, reflect and occasionally make them go hmmm...

The first three themes are:

  • On Home
This theme focuses on the obvious. Houses and homes almost become characters in some of these poems. So much of our adult life is shaped by the home we remember. Then, when we become owners ourselves we forge our new identities around our living spaces. In these poems I write about houses old and new and all of the joy and sorrow that goes into home ownership.

  • On Place
Places both near and far are addressed in these works. Places that evoke a feeling or emotion or memory. These could include a building, a park, or even a whole state. These poems will take you to wide open spaces and small cramped places, cold dry places and places of warmth and love.

  • On Pets
Growing up, our house seemed to have a revolving pet door. We were forever picking up strays, castaways, rescues and irresistible "freebies." Everyone with a soul has had a pet they loved at some time and these poems get at the heart of human/animal relationships. Most are lighthearted romps with dogs and cats of yesterday and today.

So, that is the first peek at the coming collection. When I've done readings, I have had a number of people tell me "I don't normally like poetry, but I like your poetry, which is about the best compliment a poet could get, I figure. I think you'll agree. 

Sunday's post will be back to regular programming, but next Thursday I''ll take another look at then next three themes of Written Life

Blogging off...


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