Washing Lemons

For Sale: Bosch Dishwasher. 

  • November, 2013 model
  • Low miles
  • High customer dissatisfaction rating
  • Runs okay from time to time
  • Starts and finishes in 2 minutes from time to time
  • Infuriates wife and spouse from time to time
  • Super quiet - usually brought on by the 2 minute cycle mentioned above
  • New owner must prove access to mental therapist and clean and sober for 3 years prior
  • Willing to sell for a case of microbrewed beer 
  • Also willing to trade for a 10 year old "Best Buy cheapie" that works
I don't usually bash products online, but this particular dishwasher, a Bosch Ascenta Evolution model, deserves special treatment. It appears we got a lemon, as the unit has given us problems for the two years we've owned it and is showing no signs of letting up. Here's what happens.

  1. Unit is turned on
  2. Pump drains existing water for  25 seconds
  3. Water starts to fill unit for 15 seconds
  4. Clean light comes on!
And believe me, they're not clean at this point.

We've had a repairman out once who replaced a pump of some sort - that was about a month before our warranty was expired. It worked for a while and then the two-minute drill started happening again. After a few extended efforts by my wife and I we got the thing back on track. It'll work for a few months, then start doing it again.

Like any questionable appliance, one's faith in it's correctly functioning begins to wane. We're at the point now where, even when it does run, we're not sure it cleans like it was supposed to. 

I see from the reviews that I am not alone. Some notable headlines include:

"It runs quietly...and that is pretty much the only positive thing I can say about it."

"This is a terrible piece of machinery"

Not exactly ringing endorsements. It's disappointing because I'd heard that Bosch was the "premier" dishwasher to have. I guess we got the Plymouth Volare' model of the Bosch line, then.

When I ponder what it will take to satisfy me and convince me to buy or recommend a Bosch to others, it is clearly one thing only.

Take this machine away and give me a new one. Grind this one up, crush it, and bury it deeply in the landfill. Fixing this one clearly puts me on the road to further disappointment. 

So there you have it. My product review for the year. Wish it was a better one.

Blogging off...


lndwhr said…
For the record, wife/spouse just somehow got it running again.

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