A Rundown

Some random thoughts from my stream of consciousness.

  • My son is a freshman at UW Madison and he and a friend have a radio show from 12:00 to 1:00 PM on Thursdays on WSUM. They do a good job bantering back and forth. My wife and I both listen to it in part because it helps us feel like he's in our living room again. The show is centered around recent news events and then they slide into taking questions from listeners. It is fun to hear their thoughts and ideas and he says it is a nice diversion from the stress of classes. Here's the Link.
  • I was talking to a friend tonight who is a roofer. I've always admired guys who do that kind of work because it's such a hard job. He says he has that "falling off the roof" dream every so often. I just thought that was kind of interesting. (Coming from a guy who is terrified of heights.) 
  • In the past week two friends have told me they lost co-workers to death and that they were "around their age." This is just a little too close to home for me. We need to cherish every day. Each one's a gift.
  • My 12 year old Cairn Terrier is becoming a nightmare to walk. He used to be spry and chipper as we walked, now he just wants to smell everything and linger. I end up dragging him around the block in twice the time it used to take. I guess that's what getting old does to a dog. It's a (literal) drag.
  • My computer has been locking up lately, so I flashed the BIOS. This is techno-speak for basically giving it brain surgery. The best news is, the patient booted up after all was done and things seem to be working again. 
  • The Portland House is up to it's 9th review on Amazon. All of them are good too! 
  • I feel like I'm on a bit of a treadmill with a sadist at the controls right now. It's all good, but I need a vacation methinks.
  • Some nights are frozen pizza nights. Tonight is one of those nights. 
Blogging off...


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