Dead Penguins

The honeymoon is officially over with Linux. I uninstalled it in a fit of rage yesterday after having it loop through a couple of boots when I originally went in. Then, once I got in, it black screen of death'd me while I was trying to work. If I needed that kind of dependency, I'd stay with windows. So that's what I'm doing.

In short, it required a few gyrations to get the thing uninstalled, the details of which I won't bore you with here. Suffice it to say it took a Windows XP installation disk to reset the NTLoader and kill off the GRUB loader. If that means anything to you, well, I feel as sorry for you as I did for myself.

Just got back from a training meeting at Church. I'm acting as a table captain for Boot Camp, a Tuesday Night Live ministry that starts in a few weeks. As usual, I'm having the pre-group second thoughts about whether I should do it or not. I no doubt will, just have to work through my second guessing again. Such a waffler! :-)

Tomorrow night is Sarah's Volleyball Parent meeting/Potluck, so the busy-ness just never stops. I think we have had something every night this week. Whew, is it Jan. yet?

Well, I feel compelled to work on some "real" writing on my memoir, so I'll keep this brief.

BTW, Ben's scrimmage was fantastic! They did very well against both Waukesha West and Kettle Moraine. I think they'll be able to compete in this league this year and win some games. Ben got some good playing time. There was one play where he was lined up on the wrong side and by the time they hiked the ball, well, lets just say that there MAY have been a penalty flag thrown in a game situation. I asked him if he was supposed to be "in motion", to which he replied, "Not really". Needless to say Coach Marlon turned it in to a teachable moment.

More on his season as it progresses.

Sarah got her uniform jersey today and it is number 17. I can't come up with any famous #17's in the NFL. The best Sports Illustrated could come up with is John Havlicek, and that's pretty good company too. She looks great in her uniform, even though I would prefer ankle length skirts to the spandex shorts they make them wear. That's the father in me, I guess.

Blogging off...


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