Blackshirt Boxscore

Only a moment to synopsize the game from yesterday.

Ben's team dominated from the outset. The final score was 42-0. The first three offensive plays from Waukesha North resulted in -9 yards. On the day, I think North's offense ended up with probably -60 yards. It was really kind of sad, and I felt bad for them by the fourth quarter. Actually I was hoping they'd bust one just to feel how it felt to score. Alas, Ben's team was not that forgiving.

Part of the problem was North couldn't get 11 players on the field. They often ended up with 10 or 12 players. One is short handed, the other a penalty. If you want your team to have a shot, you've got to set them up to win.

Other highlights:

Ben got a fair amount of playing time because it was so lopsided. Most of his time was on Defense as cornerback. They didn't (couldn't) pass much, so he was mostly just there mopping up on some of the tackles. He also played a lot on kickoffs (kicking) where he showed tenacity and speed. He claims on the day he had two tackles, which is about what I counted.

Waukesha South ran back four, count em four, punts for TD's. The other team would have been better off going for it on fourth down, most times.

South also kicked 4 of 6 extra points, which is pretty impressive for 6th graders. Kicked points count as 2 whereas runs and passes only as 1, so that helped.

No major injuries except my buddy's kid on the last play of the game. Got his bell rung a bit, but he's going to be OK.

It was a VERY good start to what could be a surprisingly good season. Follow the action for yourself at:

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