Penguins are Cool!

I write this post from inside a fresh PC Linux OS install. For those who don't have any idea what I just said, PC Linux is an Open Source Operating System that acts like a free version of Microsoft Windows. There are a few reasons I'm test driving this new OS.

Number one is that I like to fart around with computers. I'm a bit more of a geek than I'd like to admit, but to me it's kind of a fun hobby. Besides, it helps keep my skills up a bit for work. Who knows, maybe in 2012 there will be some kind of cataclysmic Windows Virus that wipes out ALL windows installs the world over. In that case, (and I'm banking on it) guys like me will be in great demand. If not, well at least I've given it a run-through. Not a bad skill to have in my back pocket.

Two is that I have this laptop (thank you, Jilly) that is underpowered and I want to see if it runs any faster using an OS that has a smaller footprint than the Microsoft Bloatware we
know as Windows XP. Internet surfing seems to be better so far, so I'll have to see how the rest of the stuff goes, (e-mail, and word processing, largely).

Three is that I'm kind of sick of the unending "Windows Update" thing. It is exhausting to have to wait for downloads every other day. PC Linux is such a small, unknown OS, that it is very unlikely to be hacked.

Four is that I want to get off the grid a bit. Like three, I don't like the security threats that are so constantly affecting windows. I figure if I don't have to run 3 different malware scanners every other day, life just gets easier.

So, we will see how it goes. If anyone is curious about the install, etc, let me know and I can help you through it.

Sarah started volleyball last night at South. She is so tall and lanky, that I think it'll be the perfect fit for her, if she applies herself. I know it's one of my favorite sports, for the same tall and lanky reasons. She is such a beautiful girl that the thought of her in those short shorts in a gym with boy football and basketball players makes me very nervous.

Ben seems to be enjoying football much more too, of late. Yesterday he had a scrimmage against the seventh graders and he said it was fun, even though he got knocked on his butt once. It takes that happening a few times and you start posturing yourself a little different. I know I took my fair share of de-cleating shots in football back in the day.

Donna texted me today and said that Sarah was officially signed up as a South student today. We both are kind of in shock at the whole idea. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were enrolling her in pre-school/kindergarten/middle school? I think this makes us officially old.

As an answer to the whole old thing, we're both setting goals for each other physically. It seems that Donna is training again (starting today) to try and run in the run from the cops 5K in October.

Her run today went extremely well, so I think she's still in good shape from the run we did in June. She has a whole contingency of friends who are training with her, which is proving to be very motivating. I hope she keeps it up, but even more importantly that she sees the importance of exercise. I think she does.

I am contemplating a Duathlon in September. The deal is a 2 mi. run, 20 mi. bike, 2 mi. run. I'm still waffling, as I do with most things, but will likely make a decision in the next two weeks or so. Until then, I'll continue to train for the cop run as well as Al's run
Al's run is one of the funnest running events in the country, with over 13,000 runners typically showing up. Donna and the kids may do the walk for that one. Hopefully by then 5 miles will be commonplace for me.

I submitted a memoir piece to the Boundary Waters Journal today. It is an edited version of the trip I took right after graduating from High School. If accepted, they'll actually pay for the piece, so I figured what the heck. It'll be a testing of the waters so to speak. Wish me luck!

That's all that I have time for on this amazing August night where the heat and humidity have subsided...amen to that!

Blogging off for now...


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