A Very Good Day

I came home to a letter from the Boundary Waters Journal www.boundarywatersjournal.com accepting one of my stories for publication in their Winter 2010 edition! I can't describe the feeling. The best part is they're paying me for the piece. As you may or may not know, I've had some poetry published, but never got much more than a couple of complimentary copies of the publication for it. This is more like the real deal. More importantly than that, is the fact that I'm starting to build a portfolio and getting some recognition. It is so incredibly sweet, I can't explain it.

That's pretty much all I wanted to post today. I do want to put in a shameless plug for all of you outdoor types to subscribe to the publication. It's a quarterly publication and is only about $23/year for a subscription. I intend to subscribe as soon as we recover from the financial shock waves caused by our multiple vacations this past summer. It is a great publication and supports local burgeoning writers like myself. The address again is: www.boundarywatersjournal.com

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Life is good and I'm blogging off...


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