Bits, Shards and Remnants

I always liked Hunter S. Thompson, partly because he was such a crazed maniac, but also because he called himself a Gonzo journalist. This is a bit of a Gonzo Blog post in that I'm not sure where it's going or where it came from, but it's kind of where I'm at right now. Life in shotgun mode. Random thoughts, maybe something for everyone here, or maybe not. Covering a large area with small little BB's.

  • I've always thought it would be kind of cool to write a whole book using my phone. It would take like 13 years, but hey, how unique would that be? Then I'd make it an eBook that could only be downloaded on a phone so that everyone would have to suffer reading it like I did writing it. My question is, why do I feel called to such a stupid undertaking? Don't look for it real soon. 
  • I am up to nine reviews on Amazon with Dirty Shirt. All of them have been favorable and positive so far, which is great. Getting to ten will be cool. Getting to twenty would be epic. Thanks to everyone who has helped.
  • I was in church today and the worship team was really, really good. I was standing singing in my horribly off-key, monotonic, only-do-it-in-the-car-alone voice, thinking how much effort it took to get up early, dress up a little, drive 25 minutes and sing along with 150 other people, and how it was worth every second. It energizes me for the whole week. By Saturday I'm so far off track that I need Sunday again. It's a part of who I am, and always will be.
  • I was given a bunch of fishing lures that my father in-law said he would throw out if I didn't take. I really don't know what to do with them, as I have a zillion lures myself, but I couldn't stand the thought of them being discarded. There's some classics in there for sure and I am contemplating having them built into a shadow box of some sort. Maybe to display in my cabin when I hit the lottery. Um, yeah.

  • I haven't been thinking about how in a month, my daughter will be 300 miles away and how quiet the house will be. Nor have I been thinking about how I'll worry for her safety and her adaptation to her new surroundings. Nor have I been thinking about the empty chair at the dinner table every evening. I haven't. Nope. Not when I'm sleeping, at least.
  • I found out that there's a litany of meaningless "awards" you can apply for as a writer, where for only $50.00, a panel will enter you in for an exclusive award of hundreds of dollars (first and second place winners only). A man could go broke getting "honorable mentions" from dishonorable contests.
  • It's that time of year where I get that frantic feeling of "summer is going too fast". I dwell on all of the things I haven't done, vacation and home-project wise, instead of reflecting on all of the things I have. What's with that? Does everyone do this, or am I psychotic?
  • I checked into getting my books in a Madison bookstore yesterday. They wanted to charge a $15.00 non-refundable fee for stocking the books (and shipping back any unsold books after 180 days) and then taking a 60/40 consignment fee. Where's the love, man? Needless to say I opted not to leave any. I'd do better standing in the median of Highway 100 and hawking them to traffic.Will write for food.
So, that's life in a nutshell lately. Crazy, fun, fast, furious, thoughtful and mind-numbingly the same, all at the same time. It's a beautiful, messy, confusing, poignant thing, and I'm just happy to be here.

Blogging off...


The Queen Bee said…
Hunter Thompson has been one of my heroes since the 70's when I was first introduced to him (Fear and Loathing/Las Vegas, Republican Convention, among others). And his physical death and subsequent "blast off" with the help of good buddy J.Drop was epic! Up till now, I've only personally known one other person who appreciated Hunter like I do - I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the second person is you Jim, my little bro - after all we share the same DNA!
Jim Landwehr said…
Pat, I always liked him as a post beat renegade. He had a column in the East Side paper in Milwaukee when I moved her in the mid 80's. It was then and shortly thereafter that I started reading his books. His cannon shot was epic. I've always told Donna she can shoot some of my ashes out of a shotgun over the BWCA if she doesn't want to canoe in.
Kate said…
I think that layout would make a great shadow box and your idea for torturing yourself and others via a phone story is, actually, quite brilliant. Maybe a short story is in the works there?
Jim Landwehr said…
Katharine, the phone thing sounds intriguing, but would probably be the end of me. Typing on those little keyboards is so agonizing. Of course, that would be part of what makes it so unique.

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