Road Warriors

Just got back from upstate New York for a long weekend holiday visit. It was a whirlwind trip of over 1500 miles in just 5 days. After doing battle with six states and Chicago traffic, I'm whipped. The kids were great though, much easier to travel with teenagers than young kids. You almost forget they're there most of the time, except when I turn to look over my shoulder and check for traffic and all I see is a foot (Sarah's). We've travelled together for so long, that we know each other's quirks. Donna makes sure there's enough snacks to keep everybody happy and then it's just a matter of grinding out the long stretches of pavement. I think we made only four stops in 750 miles today, so that tells you how we travel.

Get it done.
Get there.
No putzing.

Rob's Army Brick
The trip started with a quick visit to Rochester Institute of Technology, Rob's alma mater. Donna and the kids have been there to see the brick his friends had made for him when he was battling cancer, but I have not. I thought it would be cool to see it "in place" and it was. We found it fairly quickly and got back on the road. It didn't give me much time to check out anything else on campus, but I'll always have the memories from the times I visited him and Donna on campus in the late 1980's. I am so glad I made it a point to go visit him on his college campus. It was my way of living the campus life vicariously through him. I was a commuter student and didn't live on campus during my college years.

From there we went on to Gorham to visit Donna's parents. We had a great meal of Pontillo's pizza subs, which if you haven't had them, you're missing out on one of New York's finest treats. Melty, heavenly goodness.

After a night there we drove to her sister's place in Auburn. We had an absolutely great stay which included a Minor League baseball game (Auburn Doubledays), some beautiful hiking through the gorges of Ithaca, and a relaxing day at the pool.

It was so great spending time with her sister and brother in-law. Their kids and our kids grew up together and get along so well. They are very much like my Minnesota family in that the cousins love spending time together.

I'd love to write more about it, but frankly I'm spent. Bed is calling.

On Thursday I'll give a Dirty Shirt update, among other things.

Blogging off...


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