National Poetry Month: Final Issue

Closing out NPM with another poem from the guy we started out the month with, Mario Medina.

On Some Remote Hillside*                 by Mario Medina

A big  beautiful house in Malibu
burned down in the fires
about ten years ago
Never to be rebuilt
Replaced by an old trailer
With all its imperfections
A fortress of solitude
In a much warmer climate

Just thought it would be interesting to
live in a trailer
on some remote hillside

*Previously published in Zen and the Art of Lackadaisical Deconstruction

I want to thank all who have visited the site during poetry month. It has helped me to dive back into some classic old poems as well as some new, brilliant poems from local poets. Thanks also go out to all who contributed: Mario Medina, Kathie Giorgio, Marie Loeffler and Karo Barsamian. You people help me keep it real.

Blogging off...


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