National Poetry Month: Issue 11

Today on the National Poetry Month blog roll, I'm featuring Karo Barsamian, a Southeastern Wisconsin poet that is currently living in Australia. She is due back stateside sometime soon, and was gracious enough to send me some poems from the land down under - which is a term she probably hates - but I'm not sure. 

I first met Karen at AllWriters' as a Wednesday night student. Her poetry is beautiful, sensual and wrapped  with emotion. I hope you enjoy her work.

Untitled #1                                by Karo Barsamian
When I hug you I like to think about how you're electrical
how we're machines
with small turbines, 

and we break.

I think eons ahead, where our bodies are not.

Well used.

I like to think about how we're electrical,
how we will break.

Karo Barsamian's bio information was unavailable at the time of this post.

Blogging off...


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