National Poetry Month: Issue 9

One of my featured poets for National Poetry Month is Mario Medina, from Waukesha, Wisconsin. Mario is talented artist both in music and poetry, which ultimately go hand in hand anyway. He has some haunting guitar music that if you get a chance you should check out on his Amps for Buddah website. He also is a gifted video producer, having produced a couple of book trailers that are worth checking out.

It's artists like Mario that are talented across the spectrum that make me feel inadequate. If you asked me to paint a picture or play a song, you would be sorely disappointed. I'm a one trick pony - a writer - and despite my claims of having an excellent singing voice, my family begs to differ. I'll keep working on that.

This poem comes from Mario's chapbook titled, Zen and the Art of Lackadaisical Destruction. It speaks about not missing the present moment.

Where Ever You Are; Be There*          by Mario Medina

I could've given you a Cadillac
A brand new home in Tennessee
I could've bought you that diamond ring
For all your jealous friends to see.

But then where would it have left us
Wanting more, down on our knees
You will thank me when looking back
That I gave you what there was of me.

Can't help what happened yesterday.

Wherever you are, I want you there.

Wherever you are; be there.

*Previously published in Zen and the Art of Lackadaisical Destruction.


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