National Poetry Month: Issue 1

April is National Poetry Month. In recognition of it, I would like to feature local Southeastern Wisconsin poets by posting poems throughout the month. If you know of any poets from the Milwaukee Metro area, mention it to them and have them send me between 1 and 5 poems, a short bio, and a website/blog address if they have one. I will try and fill in the blanks with my own work or other favorite famous poets.

Note that I will still have my traditional blog postings on Thursdays and Sundays, as always.

Installment 1 comes from my writing colleague and musician Mario Medina. Mario was one of the first poets I heard at AllWriters' Workplace and Workshop and was the inspiration for me to start writing poetry in the first place - (Thanks for the burden of that, Mario. Ha!) He calls himself a deconstructionist and his poetry is what I would call dark-realism and screams for an idealistic society that might never be found. I admire his work and I hope you do too. He has two chapbooks out Zen and the Art of Deconstruction and The Buddha Beef Junky, both published by Do It Yur Damn Self Publishing. I love it.

Who's Mao?                                                    by Mario Medina

The Vietnam War
shot down to a paragraph
in our history books.
The Korean War
a couple of sentences.
Who's Mao?
Whose perspective
are we in now?

America loves itself
because no one else will.
Where's my enemy?
Where are my allies?
They're in their beds passed out or
They're playing the
games of the New Depression.

Blogging off...


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